Just over a month ago we made a trip up to Northern California to explore the coast and get lost in the redwood forests. We went up that way for, what the kids these days call, a Babymoon. That’s what they call your last vacation alone before your little bundle of joy/poop arrives.

We first arrived in Eureka and Airbnb'd a beautiful 30’ sailboat for the first couple nights and then moved into a cozy little cabin in Trinidad. On our first couple days we explored the coast around Trinidad. It still amazes me how different the coast is out here compared to back east. I love how the rocky, tall coastlines meet ocean so dramatically. It was quite cloudy those first couple days, but that only added to the mood and made the scenery look so much more dramatic.

We then drove up the Redwood Highway and into Redwoods National and State Parks. First, based on a recommendation from our sailboat’s captain, we drove to Fern Canyon in Prairie Creek State Park. If you don’t know, movies such as Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and many others were filmed here. It is a narrow slot canyon with countess ferns growing from rim to rim. The parking lot was pretty crowded after the long drive on a dirt road to the coast, but after a short walk to canyon entrance, everyone was stopped as soon as they reached the small, shallow creek that flows through the canyon. They even complained that the seasonal bridges should still be up so they wouldn't have to risk getting their feet wet. Since Sam and I are super daring and adventurous, we decided to take our shoes off and wade through the rushing, one inch deep water that stopped everyone else in their tracks. From there we had the rest of the canyon to ourselves.

The remaining days on the area took us through all sorts of different areas in the park with 300’+ trees towering above us. Many of them were even over 1,000 years old! Sadly, though, the virgin trees and forest in this part of the state are only a tiny fraction of what used to be here. Logging has destroyed these forests and if it wasn’t for Lady Bird Johnson in the late 1960’s, they would probably be gone forever. This last stretch of virgin redwood forests extends from up there in Northern California all the way down to Muir Woods and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area just outside of San Francisco.

We are glad to have gotten so see this part of the state during our time out here. In just over a week and a half, we will be moving back across the country to our home state of North Carolina. It’s been a wonderful adventure out here in California over these past couple years; we’ve seen things and had experiences we wouldn’t trade for the world and made friendships that will last a lifetime. We’ll be back out this way for sure, but this time sharing our experiences with at least one more little adventurous soul.