A few months back we took a trip out to Yosemite National Park with our friend Dan when he came out for a visit. We had been planning to hike various different trails; but due to us being unable to get the required permits for the selected dates, we opted to take the 8-mile hike up to the top of El Capitan, camp, head back out, and spend the next couple nights in the park. We are all photographers so we captured plenty of beautiful, once in a lifetime scenes.

The hike up to El Capitan from the trailhead we decided to take was described in guidebooks as a moderate, 8-mile hike. It was more like a 12-mile pretty hard hike. Three GPS devices backed us on up that data too. But don’t get us wrong, the hike was well worth it! Once up on the top, we made camp really quick and scoped out some points to shoot the galaxy and try to capture some shooting stars from the Perseids Meteor Shower.

We got some incredible pictures of the night sky, made some new friends (Chris and Cara), easily spotted 100+ shooting stars, saw some Iridium Flares, saw a fireball, witnessed some strange lights and UFOs, and to top it off watch the moonrise and sunrise. The smoky look to some of the photographs is from a very large wildfire that was burning in and outside of the park. In some of the pictures of the night sky you can even see the orange glow of the fires.

Some of things and scenes we witnessed on this trip just didn't seem real they were so beautiful and that we weren't supposed to actually see them; like a glitch in the Matrix. 

Check out some of our favorite shots below and let us know what you think! We had a blast out there and can’t wait to get back to see what else Yosemite has to offer.